There are some real crummy phonies in the painting business, man. That’s why we created Groovy Hues! When it comes to paint and power wash, both home and business owners have a hard time finding someone they can trust to get the job done right and to create a groovy experience that puts the mind at ease. We developed Groovy Hues with the intent to reshape the painting industry with unmatched organization, execution and communication. Leveraging the best products and technology in the industry, we help you chart out the vision, color and new look for your business, home, barn, deck and more! If there’s paint on it, we can make it shine.

Our service process is unmatched and puts customers first through a thoroughly developed communication system and easy-to-understand time estimates that let you know when we’re in, out, and finishing up. Groovy Hues is a cut above the rest and is always locally owned and backed by the best distributors in the country.

We understand how uncomfortable and frustrating lackluster communication and service can be when it comes to your cozy abode or place of work. We’re here to put these fears to rest, it’s our guarantee.

We offer both commercial and residential services that cover the majority of interior and exterior painting needs as well as power washing services for your driveway, fence and other areas of your home and office. We’re a proud member of the HorsePower Brands portfolio of home service franchises and are backed by national vendors, distributors and a dedicated customer service hub.

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